My Favourite Thing

My favourite thing is quading. I like quading because there a rush when you hit that jump or when you go though that mud hole. Do you have a quad? Do you quad?Here is a quad that I would love to have.

Another thing I love to do is snowmobiling. I love snowmobiling because its nice to drive though the snow and turn and see the snow. I also like to race across fields with them. I like doing this because the snowmobiles get   going so fast that they just pick right up off the snow and glide over it. Do you have a snowmobile?  Do you like snowmobiling?


I think I could get more visits by always ending my post with a comment. I could also  make my posts more interesting and fun. I think I could add pitchers and make them do with the subject.I think I could get more visitors if my post were more funny or even ended with a question. Such as What is…….. is your…..or so on. Do you have any helpful tips?

My Family

My family are like the tree stooges.there people that work all the time. My mom works at a place called Barrel Pizza. All she has to do is make Pizza I think her job is easy. My moms boy friend  is a mechanic. He is amazing at his job. I would love to be a mechanic because i could fix things and if my car broke I could fix it. what is your dream job?


I love Halloween because it is really cool to see all the people dressed up as ghost and pumpkins and soooooooo on. I also like Halloween because its free candy who dosn’t like that. I love it because you get to buy your costume and have lots of fun with your friends trick or treating. you have to be carfull to because iv en tho Halloween is fun some people  put drugs in the candy so if your Candy is open throw it  away.Do you like Halloween?

Favourite Food

My favourite food is PIZZA. I like pizza because it is delicious I also like pizza because I have been around it all my life. My mom works at a place called Barel Pizza. They make the best pizza ever. They will even coustomize your pizza to your likes. They have every toping you could think of. Where do you eat your pizza? How good is it? What is your favouite food?

My Favourite Colour

My favourite colour is red. My favourite colour is red because I think it is a very nice colour. Red is primary colour witch means that it is a base colour. This means  that you can not mix any colour with another one and make red.what colours do you like?

Digital Citizinship


Digital Citizenship is would you say over the Internet.such as what you say. You should say nice things over the Internet. like: I love your blog. I love the way you………… and so on don’t be like your blog stinks and stuff like that. This doesn’t just apply for edu blogs  but also for Facebook,MSN, Skype, and so on.  So basically what I’m saying is to be nice over the  Internet. Would you like  it if people were mean to you. Well?

Digital Foot Print

My digital foot print. My digital foot print is all the things I do on the Internet. Take facebook for a example. On facebook you give out your date of birth,your favourite things. All the information all the things you do  every day. When you have a back card all the times you use it you will be tracked. The time the place how much you spent every thing is in your file. Your digital foot print will be with you until the day you die.

10 places I would like to visit

Mexico- I  would like to visit  Mexico because I know lots of people that have gone there and said it was fun.

Australia-I want to go to Australia because the weather is nice.

Hawaii- I would love to go to Hawaii because it is a tropical island.

Madagascar- I want to go here because of all the animals.

Egypt- I want to go here because i would love to see the pyramids.

Ice land- I would love to go to Ice land because its cold and i love the cold weather.

 Niger-I want to go here because it is all the way on the other side of the world.

India-I want to go to India because therew is great food.

China I want to go to China because I want to try real china food.

Brazil-  would like to learn there ways